Foosball is a sport that is growing at a significant pace around the world.

Tables range in size from tiny gag gift tables to tables designed to be put on a table to play. Box stores and sporting good stores offer many tables which are built cheaply and offer not much in terms of quality play. The tables here are played competitively all over the world. This guide will help you understand the differences between the top tables. They differ in composition and play characteristics and each has a history of professional competitive play. They are each recognized by the ITSF an international sanctioning body for the sport of table soccer (foosball). I have been playing foosball for more than 40 years and have competed in tournaments all over the country as well as in Europe. I have played each of these tables and have attempted to be objective in my reviews.

Warrior Foosball TableWarrior Pro Model

MSRP $799 Weight: 200 lbs. Rating: 5 star Value Score: A

Warrior Table Soccer Pro Model.  Warrior has been an innovator in the world of foosball since 2003. They have earned recognition by the United States and International Table Soccer Federations. Their table is perfect for beginners and a favorite among advanced players. It offers excellent ball control, accurate shooting, and durability. It is well constructed and built to handle hours of vigorous play. These tables are built to last for many years and come with a standard 1-year warranty on all moving parts. One of its best features is the ability to assemble the table in about 25 minutes. They have a unique cabinet design that allows complete rods to be installed in a matter of moments. So rather than bags full of little parts to painstakingly install, Warrior’s rods come completely assembled saving hours in assembly. Warrior has supported a professional tour of foosball which has paid out over a million dollars in cash and prizes.

Warrior also believes building safety into a foosball table is important as injuries are always a concern, especially for kids. To that end, Warrior tables include “Rod Guard” technology on every table which makes it impossible for a child or adult to get hit by an extending rod.

Warrior has all the features of a professional grade table. Warrior handles are made to fit your hand for better comfort and control they are made a durable synthetic rubber that won't absorb sweat or germs and are attached with a rolling pin for solid attachment. The rods are 14 mm solid chromed steel for increased torque and speed. The smaller diameter helps keep the weight of the rods lower enabling longer play.

Warrior’s foosball men are designed with wide feet and include horizontal and vertical grooves to add extra control. The Warrior men are also counter-weighted to allow them to be positioned out of the way allowing for a full range of shooting options from the goalie area. Warrior’s Bearings are designed to glide freely with minimal lubrication using a quality POM for years of great play. Warrior foosball table all include leg levelers so the table can be adjusted to uneven floor conditions. Warrior's newest ball has received excellent reviews and praise from professional players worldwide. They developed a proprietary mixture of exotic plastics and then utilize a centerless grinding process which allows balls to roll true with the perfect amount of tackiness for executing any shot imaginable. The yellow ball is easy to see against the green playfield and the logo helps to identify when the ball is spinning. Every table includes two of these foosballs as well as a maintenance kit including extra men, bearing wrench, installation tool, silicon to lubricate the rods, and a pin punch. The table ships via FedEx directly to the door at a discounted price of just $129 anywhere in the continental US.  Designed by Warrior Table Soccer President and thirty-year Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty and a team of passionate foosball players with more than 250 years of collective foosball experience. It should come as no surprise that this table is quickly becoming one of the best-selling tables available.

Bonzini Foosball Table

Bonzini B90

MSRP $2,595 Weight: 176 lbs. Rating: 4.5 star Value Score: B+

Bonzini’s B90 tables are unique in several ways. They offer telescoping rods made of chrome plated steel this keeps them from extending out of the opposite side of the cabinet. This provides added safety from being hit by extended rods. Their telescoping rods are actually a hollow rod encasing a solid rod. One small drawback of this design is when there is any torque applied up or down on the rod is makes the rod stick. The stock handles are a bit smallish for average sized hands, however, they are interchangeable so replacement handles can be found online to accommodate players with a specific handle preference. Bonzini’s foosball men are hand-painted metal figurines which can be customized upon request. They are not counterbalanced so shooting options from the goalie area in singles are limited. They attach with a bolt and are long-lasting. The Bonzini playing surface is thin and reminiscent of 1950’s diner laminates. It flexes substantially under pressure and takes quite a bit of adjusting to when coming from other tables.

Bonzini has a different cabinet which is constructed from solid beech wood and comes in a clear stain or a dark stain option. It's the most exotic table cabinet on this list but, looks aren't everything. The playability on the B90 is an acquired taste, some will be put off by the slower travel of the ball and limitation of shot options compared to other tables on the list. The surface is not flat and level so there is a fair amount of difficulty in setting the ball still to shoot. The table is made in France and the French have developed a style of play that minimizes this. Bonzini has traditionally used raw cork balls which chip and make the ball roll erratically. They have recently changed to a plastic composite ball which rolls straighter out of the box and seems to hold shape longer. Overall the B90 offers quality cabinetry and quirky play however it has found small pockets in the Mid Atlantic US where it is popular. Bonzini is distributed through Alan Cribbs of Bonzini USA. The table is recognized by the ITSF. It is the most expensive table included in this comparison and won’t fit everyone’s budget or play style but it is nice to look at.

Tornado T3000Tornado T3000

MSRP $2,499 Weight: 355 lbs. Rating: 4.5 star Value Score: C

Tornado T3000 is a professional grade foosball table with a long and storied history. I must confess the first foosball table I ever purchased was a Tornado. It was a well-built table and lasted a long time before it needed to be replaced. I have played on the Tornado tour for more than 20 years and have witnessed a decrease in quality. I bought my current Tornado about 7 years ago and the quality seemed to be in decline in several ways. What once was a very well executed product has for some reason become less than “the standard”  The newest model feature a solid cabinet, an improved foot design on the men and thinner bearings which are improvements in design. However, the latest men suffer from a deficiency in manufacturing. After doing some research it seems the men are manufactured with a center hole that is too tight to fit the rods. Instead of making a new mold and making men that fit the men. They instead decided to hone the middle out. This result is an inconsistent fit of the men on the rods. This is noticeable in both how the ball responds and how it sounds. The looser men have a dead sound to them and tighter ones are livelier. Another issue with the table is chipping away at the edges of the goal over time. They have hollow rods which over the years have also slipped in quality considerably. I still have a Tornado and play it often but in some ways wish I had never sold the T2000 table I bought in 1989 as it was more solidly constructed and had Merkel rods which were stronger than the current batch. If you plan on playing on the Tornado tour this might be the table for you. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck this is probably not the table for you. Tornado is sold through dealers.

Garlando Master Champion

Garlando Master Champion

MSRP $1,870 Weight: 177 lbs. Rating: 3 star Value Score: D

Garlando Master Champion table Garlando is an Italian manufacturer of quality foosball tables. The table was designed for the Italian style of “el volo” or speedball. This style of play is more about whacking at the ball and shots are allowed only when contacting one man in motion. The foot of the men is very small compared to other tables and the balls rather hard and fast. It is possible to play a more controlled style of play yet difficult to gain the control necessary to be good at it. The men are fused onto the rods and are pretty durable however if a man does break it is necessary to replace the entire rod not just the men. The garlando is an acquired taste and not probably a good first table as it is hard for a seasoned player to be able to control the ball. It is a recognized ITSF table and a pro level table

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