In order to learn and set up and execute shots, you need a quality ball.

Playing foosball is great fun for all ages, it brings family and friends together, plus it is great for developing Eye-hand coordination. If you want to have the most fun, you need a good table to play on and a ball that makes controlling the ball possible. In order to learn and set up and execute shots, you need a quality ball. A great table with a low-end ball plays worse than a terrible table with a good ball. If you can’t afford a great table, buying better balls will give you the best shot at having a fun time.

Buying the right foosball is not rocket science, but it requires some research to avoid mistakes. There are many options when it comes to foosballs and some of them are very poor choices while others are OK but at a premium price. To be considered a great foosball you really need a few things working together towards a common goal. The ball must be round, seamless, and balanced. Weight, composition, and finish determine how well you are able to control the ball.

Low-quality balls are made of plastic, often too light to work well and are believe it or not manufactured with a seam around it making the ball roll inconsistently. Balls that are made to resemble soccer balls have even more irregularities and are virtually unplayable to even the best players. The lightweight of the balls makes them susceptible to flying off the table and could cause harm. Playing foosball with hard plastic balls is like playing pinball with a ripe grape. Better foosballs are made of a combination of different urethane and composites. Better balls are solid, not hollow and have some weight to them usually between 24g and 26g.

Quality balls are created under pressure using advanced urethanes and polymers. Tornado balls are tumbled after being manufactured to raise a fuzz to them making it easier to control. The fuzz, unfortunately, disappears after a few hours of play and they become more difficult to control in many ways similar to a smooth plastic ball. This method of finishing also will not roll true as the fuzz will not disappear in a uniform fashion. Tornado is a good ball however they seem to vary quite radically from batch to batch are sold at a premium price and do not roll true very long.

If you have a Bonzini Table I would recommend the ITSF B-ball designed especially for that table. The synergy between the table style and ball make for a good plying experience on Bonzini. This ball will not be a good choice for other style tables.

At the top of the heap for playability and value on every table except the Bonzini I would choose the Warrior Pro Yellow Logo ball. These are the same ball used in tournaments across the country. They are produced using a precision centerless grinding which creates a ball that rolls true and consistent. Unlike the Tornado process of tumbling balls to add grip which is less consistent, Warrior utilizes state of the art precision centerless grinding to achieve a brilliantly balanced and true rolling ball.   The Warrior Home Pink ball is also a great playing ball at a bargain price and their black light balls in various colors also play great and are a great value. Warrior has made a name for making a great playing foosball table at a great value and it is nice to see them support it with great balls.

Brand Composition / Construction Durability Weight/Size Playability Price Rating
Warrior FoosballWarrior Urethane / Centerless Ground Excellent 26g / 34.75mm Excellent $4.25 to $5.00 A
Bonzini Ball Bonzini Pro Composite / Low grip Good 18g / 34.5mm Great on Bonzini $3.50 B+

Warrior Home
Urethane / Centerless Ground Very Good 26g / 34.75mm Great $2.00 to $3.00 B+
Tornado Ball Tornado Urethane / Tumbled Average 26g / 34.75mm Good New $5 to $8 B-
Leonhart Pro Synthetic / Tacky Average 27g / 34.6mm Good on Leonhart $3.95 B-

Garlando Pro
Technopolymer / High Control Average 27g / 34.5mm Best for Garlando $4.96 B

Soccer Balls
Plastic / Injection molded very poor 19g / 36mm terrible $.49 to $.89 D

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